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Remember that time Foster’s had an episode where a young imaginary friend had serious anxiety about being alone and because he was very powerful, most people (including his own creator’s parents) were so scared of him that they condemned him but Frankie, being the wonderful person she is, treated him like a true friend and comforted him, instead of just yelling at him, and brought him out of his anxieties by being loyal and bringing him to new friends like he needed?

Cuz I do, and I think it’s a really important thing to see because no matter how scary kids can get when their upset, they’re just scared and we have to comfort, nurture, and help them instead of just punishing and nothing more. Even if you don’t love kids like I do, we still have to keep this in mind because they are the FUTURE and these kinda problems like anxiety are very real issues we face as HUMANS.


Cuddling nest

This is life

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I thought this was hilarious when I was drunk

Go ask questions to this cutie patootie~!




"yo pass me the weed",


you’re welcome

I’ve eaten this before and it’s so gross

wow seaweed’s got some haters

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Blake disguises itself as a true cat by the ability to pour water.
Ruby has picked up the cat. (It is not knowing that it is a Blake)



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